Technical Data

Part No. Length  Width  Max Bundle  Material Temp. Range Water absorption
 PK100 100mm  4"  2.5mm  0.1"  22mm 0.87" PEEK  -55°C -+ 260°C  0.5%
 PK150 150mm  5.91"  3.6mm  0.14"  35mm 1.38" PEEK  -55°C -+ 260°C  0.5%
 PK190 190mm  7.49"  4.8mm  0.19"  46mm 1.81" PEEK  -55°C -+ 260°C  0.5%

Flammability UL940V-0, Oxygen index 24-35, radiation withstand 10Mgy.

We only use Victrex® Peek™ in our 260°C cable ties. It is a proven polymer, for more information on Victrex® Peek please follow this link.

We also offer a complete range of cable tie tools ranging from economical manual tension to fully adjustable ergonomic design (see Tools page).

For health and safety advice on Victrex® Peek™ please click on the following: